About the Project

The project is meant partly to be continued also by the newly founded SINUM Theatre Laboratory Association of Pécs. We have the intention to apply again in the Erasmus +.

For more information please visit our website: www.riote.org

The present project, called “Rural Inclusive Outdoor Theatre Education 2” (RIOTE 2) was born out of a previous “exchange of good practices” project (RIOTE), which is still in progress.

The members of the partnership: Broken Spectacles/Dartington (UK), Kud Ljud (Slovenia), Shoshin Theatre Association (Romania), Spec.Street (Hungary), Take Art Limited (UK), Teatro tascabile di Bergamo (Italy) and Control Film Studio Association (Hungary, the coordinator).

The project RIOTE was based on knowledge and skills exchange between performing arts organisations, dealing with adult education through outdoor theatre, physical theatre or other cultural and adult educational practices in rural settlements. The project is, at the same time, based on the research question: ‘As performing arts organisations how can we develop our adult educational activity, so we can reach more of our target groups?’

The new project, RIOTE 2, will use the experience and outcomes of the previous project to further develop them and to produce three intellectual outputs:

1. A practical guide for outdoor theatre,
2. A rural touring handbook,
3. A film about outdoor theatre in rural environment

These will be presented in each partner country within the frame of a multiplier event.

Our new partner, Take Art, is a National Portfolio Organization in the UK, who will support the partnership from an important aspect: the promotion of outdoor work in rural arias. There is a lack of cultural management competence regarding this topic in Europe, although, it means a key role in sustainability.

The partnership exchanges outdoor theatre education methods to create a new methodology which can be shared on a European level. Outdoor performance is traditionally a good tool to create reciprocal cultural dynamics in rural areas. Some of the partners provide theatre courses or camps for local people in rural settlements. They also offer a “barter,” by which we mean a cultural exchange between professional artists and local people, sharing their own folk songs, local history or other unique skills. The project’s main idea is that outdoor performing experience and our partners’ educational methods can give an extraordinary support for rural theatre activities.

Outdoor performing adult education can revitalise culture in socially marginalized environments with proposing: dialogic approach, critical thinking by revealing social problems, trigger the visualization of social change, interactive cultural exchange, empowerment of the community, collective education, development of multiple intelligences, strong pedagogical aspect and collaborative process.

The implementation of the outdoor theatre competences and teaching methodology will be tested in some geographically disadvantaged villages, such as Kide (Romania) or Dunaszekcső (Hungary).
Another aim is to understand the English model of the rural touring network. We intend to observe its practices to implement the model in our partner countries on a long-term. With this we intend to establish a sustainable project with a long-lasting impact on the partners and their countries.

The new English partner, Take Art, will have a conducting role in this research, while the Italian and the Slovenian partners will greatly contribute to the outcome with their long history of outdoor touring shows in Europe, South America and Asia. The results will support the Hungarian and Romanian partners to establish a network in their own localities. Shoshin Theatre Association and Control Studio will be responsible for preparing a professional background of this network.

The national networks are supposed to meet on a long-term prospective, creating the European Rural Touring Network that sustains the impact and the outputs of the project.